Nick Tucciís Pump Gas Powered 69 ChevellePumps out Premium Power & Performance

Nick Tucci's 3,750 lbs all steel and very real 1969 Chevelle runs 9.1 second ETís at 148 MPH on Pump Gas with nitrous oxide injection. The 498 cid Big Block Chevy Engine is equipped with Dart Pro 1 Cylinder heads ported by Rolling Thunderz along with a Rolling Thunderz custom designed nitrous roller camshaft. The Pump Gas powered Chevelle also runs 10.3 second ETís at 132 mph naturally aspirated. Best performance with race gas and nitrous oxide injection is 8.9 second ET at 154 mph.

1969 Chevelle

1969 Chevelle

Nick Tucciís 1969 Chevelle pulls a big wheel stand on the way to winning the Pump Gas Challenge with a 9.113 second elapsed time at 148.58 mph.

This Chevelle has run 8.9 second elapsed times at 154 mph using high octane race gas.

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