Randy Lundal's Mighty 340 Mopar 1973 Challenger

The high powered 340 Challenger runs 11.2 second elapsed times at 119 mph in the quarter mile with a production 340 block, OEM 340 crankshaft, OEM 340 connecting rods and OEM cast iron 340 X heads extensively modified by Rolling Thunderz to flow over 300 cfm through the intake port at .600 inch valve lift. The all steel 1973 Challenger weights over 3600 lbs, which requires the Rolling Thunderz built 340 engine to produce over 570 horsepower to run 11.2 second ET's at 119 MPH down the mile drag strip.

1973 Challenger

1973 Challenger

This 1973 Challenger is equipped with all the original steel body panels and the original interior with aftermarket wheels and tires and a really radical 340 Mopar engine. The driver is also very original too.

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