Dennis MacDonalds 1986 Super C4 Corvette

Dennis MacDonalds 1986 Corvette is powered by Rolling Thunderz 434 cid small block Chevy EFI engine which produces over 700 horsepower naturally aspirated and over 1000 horsepower with nitrous oxide injection.

Dennis MacDonalds 1986 Super C4 Corvette

1986 C4 Corvette

This spectacular drag race took place in October 2005 at National Trail Raceway in Ohio where Steve MacDonald raced Paul Majors 2001 Z06 Corvette to determine who has the worlds fastest independent rear suspension Corvette. The race results were very close with the 2001 Z06 running a 9.099 second elapsed time to 9.107 seconds for the 1986 Corvette resulting in a win by an elapsed time of .008 of a second.

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