1968 Camaro – RT 509 CID BBC Engine 2006 CSCN Championship Winner Quarter Mile 7.8 ET & 182 MPH

Congratulations to Steve "Splash" Damianidis for winning the 2007 Canadian Street Car Nationals and setting the record with an 8.0 ET at 175 mph with the car weighing 3275 lbs. In 2007, Steve's 1968 Camaro also delivered several super fast 7.9 second elapsed times at 177 mph in OSCA competition proving that the Rolling Thunderz power plant is the most powerful engine in the EZ Street Class competition.

The 498 cid nitrous oxide injected Rolling Thunderz engine was modified in 2008 with more extensive cylinder head work and a new camshaft to produce over 1600 horsepower which rocketed the 3220+ lbs Camaro to a speed of 182 mph. The 1600 horses also comes with a lot of reliability as the Rolling Thunderz engine, equipped with Dart heads, Dart block and Dart intake manifold, was not removed from the 68 Camaro for a rebuild for 3 years, since 2005.

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1968 Camaro

1968 Camaro

Steve Splash getting ready to run 7.9 second ET at 177 MPH in his 3200+ pound Camaro with D.O.T tires.

So what would Splash’s 498 cid Rolling Thunderz engine run in a 10” tire Super Street Car? A nitrous equipped Super Street Car can have 750 lbs less weight and better 10.5 W tires with a 2nd nitrous system and a 4 link suspension. So how fast? At least bottom 7 second ET’s, with even more reliability from less vehicle weight.

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