1988 Mustang – RT 400 CID SBF Engine Fastest Ford with N20 Injection in 2009 7.8 Second ET & 181 MPH at 2900+ lbs

Congratulations to Larry Mann for running his first 7 second elapsed time performance with a Rolling Thunderz modified and tuned small block Ford racing engine. Larry Mann now has the fastest nitrous oxide injected Ford in OSCA EZ Street Class competition for 2009 with even faster times being expected with more chassis and suspension improvements.

Larry Mann also delivered the Fastest MPH in the EZ Street Class competition at the 2009 Canadian Street Car Nationals by running over 181 MPH with his Rolling Thunderz powered 1988 Mustang. Larry thinks that running 7 second elapsed time performances at 181 MPH is great but what he really likes is the great reliability of his Rolling Thunderz racing engine.

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Mustang Race Car

Mustang Race Car

Larry Mann checking his spark plugs after the 181 MPH performance and wondering how Rolling Thunderz manages to deliver so much reliable power and keep all 8 candles burning.

That's Mann drag racing slang for how do they make so much reliable power without burning up the spark plugs.

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