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RollingThunderz is a superior custom high performance speed shop dedicated to achieving technologically advanced engine performance.

                        Rolling Thunderz was established in 1994 by founder Ned Erkman, who specializes in the development of technologically advanced cylinder head modifications and custom designed camshaft profiles that work together as very efficient engine systems to produce superior engine performance.

The highly successful development of custom cylinder heads and custom camshaft profiles that work together as a superior engine system has a history of proven performance that delivers record setting performances in competition racing engines and many of the most powerful and best performing street legal Corvette and Viper engines.

After 20 years of progressive development, Rolling Thunderz Racing continues to specialize in the design and development of custom modified cylinder heads and custom camshaft profiles with proven success in producing some of the worlds most powerful, efficient and reliable high performance classic muscle car engines, modern muscle car engines, Corvette engines, V10 Viper engines and high technology competition race engines with advanced performance capabilities.

In 2014, Ned Erkman developed the Supercar NEDHEAD BN7 which is his own brand of cylinder head manufactured by Brodix, specially designed for the LS7 engine equipped in 2006 to 2013 Z06 Corvettes. The Supercar NEDHEAD BN7 has proven to increase the naturally aspirated power of the LS7 engine from 505 HP to over 750 horsepower with a NEDHEAD Phase 4 System.

Ned Erkman has also worked with Brodix to develop the Supercar NEDHEAD BN3 for the Supercharged ZR1 C6 Corvette and the Supercar NEDHEAD BN1 for the 1997 to 2007 LS1, LS6 and LS2 Corvette engines.

The development of the Supercar NEDHEADS BN7, BN3 and BN1 provides high technology cylinder heads for all LS engine equipped Corvettes manufactured from 1997 to 2013.

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience of high performance engines provides us with a sophisticated understanding for producing the best possible engine combination to achieve the greatest level of engine performance.

This is the reason we emphasize how we build “superior custom high performance” since our high performance street engines and competition racing engines are custom built with custom made components to deliver superior engine performance.

Specializing in the design and development of the right combination of engine components is why Rolling Thunderz succeeds in providing superior performance. The application of the correct cylinder head and intake manifold modifications and the design of the right camshaft profile, are extremely important for maximizing efficient and reliable performance increases.

This is why Rolling Thunderz specializes in flow technology and valve train dynamics, to provide technologically advanced cylinder head and intake manifold modification services and custom designed camshaft profiles that offer incredible performance.

Rolling Thunderz recognizes that creating precise specifications for a high-quality engine necessitates a higher level of dedication to performing detailed work. This need for attention to detail is the reason we specialize in the development of custom modified cylinder head services, custom designed camshafts profiles and custom built high performance engines.

We understand that superior performance requires custom made work by experts with advanced skills and knowledge.

Rolling Thunderz is Superior Custom High Performance

Rolling Thunderz is located 1 mile north of Toronto at:

101 Freshway Drive, Unit #49 Concord, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Postal Code: L4K 1R9

Rolling Thunderz USA shipping warehouse is located in Buffalo, New York.
2221 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207, United States
(716) 876-8809

Contact a Rolling Thunderz Performance Specialist

416-988-0018   Fax: 905-532-9997

Send an e-Mail to Ned Erkman

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