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The design of the engine combination is the most important element for building or modifying a high performance motor that functions to the standards that are required.

The architectural statement "form follows function" is also applicable to high performance engine building, as it is necessary to develop an engine building program that succeeds in the delivery of the desired performance objectives.

The development of superior engine performance requires a scientific approach that uses the best components to fulfill a specific function. Once the functional requirements of the engine have been established, the form of the engine can be determined by the design, engineering and component selection.

It is the selection of the best cylinder head castings and the proper cylinder head porting modifications that are the most important items in the development of superior engine performance.

Selecting or custom designing a camshaft profile that works best with the cylinder heads and intake manifold is a key part of the engineering and design process of delivering optimum performance.

The decision to choose the right intake manifold, for the intended purpose, along with the application of proper intake manifold porting modifications, can significantly enhance engine performance.

Once the best components are selected and properly modified to work as a complete system, the actual construction of the engine can begin.

As in the construction industry, if the design of a building does not provide the proper layout for the intended use, there will be problems for the people who try to function within this environment. In the high performance engine industry, a poorly designed engine combination, improper component selection or the application of incorrect engine modifications can cause engine and vehicle performance problems.

A well designed and developed engine combination is what ultimately produces incredible engine and vehicle performance.

At Rolling Thunderz, we specialize in the art and science of designing and developing superior engine combinations.

Rolling Thunderz has comprehensive knowledge and successful experience in building technologically advanced high performance engines, with a sophisticated understanding for producing the optimum engine combination to achieve the best vehicle performance.

Specializing in the production of the right combination of engine components is how Rolling Thunderz succeeds in providing superior performance.

Sharing knowledge and comprehensively informing customers about the science of high performance is how Rolling Thunderz contributes to the success of our customer's performance achievements.

Assisting performance enthusiasts to better achieve their goals and objectives is the reason behind "The Read for Speed". The Read for Speed was developed to supercharge the brain of the performance enthusiast, who desires to have faster acceleration on the road to success.

If you have enjoyed this read and find that your brain has developed new speed, remember to contact Rolling Thunderz when you have a serious need for more speed.

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